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I’ve been wanting to do one (:

1. How old are you and the father?

I’m 16 and he’s 20 

2. Where did you meet?

At school, but we didnt talk. Until later on, on Facebook. lol

3. Are you boyfriend/girlfriend, engaged, married, or not together?

We’re together.

4. How long have you been together?

10 months, but 7 months living together <3

5. Was it planned?

We talked about it, but didn’t expect it anytime soon.

6. When did you conceive?


7. When is your due date?

October 6, 2013 [:

8. What do you think the baby will look like? (eyes, hair, facial features)

I have no idea, but she’s probably going to have curly hair because we both have curly hair (: Maybe, even her dad’s long eyelashes . 

9. Do you plan on a natural birth or using an epidural or other drugs?

Epidural, not to good with pain . 

10. Is this your first baby?


11. How did yours and the baby’s father’s parents react?

My Parents were disappointed, for a moment i thought my mom was going to murder me. His parents were mostly okay with it because he’s old enough and almost an adult.

12. When did you tell them?

He told my parents and his parents too..

13. Did you consider abortion or adoption?

I don’t believe in abortion, and there was no need for adoption, I was going to be responsible for my actions.

14. What were your first symptoms?

I had no type of symptoms at the beginning of my pregnancy.

15. How did you find out?

I was late on my menstrual, so my boyfriend bought me a test and I took it. 

16. Have you had an ultrasound?

Yes, many. But i haven’t had one lately.

17. Have you heard the heart beat?

Yeah, everytime I go for my appointment.

18. Do you know the sex?

Yes, It’s a girl <3 

19. What sex were you hoping for?

Of, course a girl (:

20. What girl/boy names did you consider?

I want Natalie, but her dad wants Alaina (:

21. Does the name you chose have any special significance?

No, I just really like the name(:.

22. Do you have any supplies yet?

Only Clothes, we’re waiting until we have a babyshower.

23. Have you felt the baby kick yet?

Yes, my babygirl kicks and moves too much.

24. When is your baby shower?

I have no clue, I don’t even know if I will have one .______.

25. How many weeks/months are you?

31 weeks and 3 days ((:

26. What are you looking forward to?

Someone throwing me a babyshower, and for the arrival of my princess <3

27. Are you financially able to care for a child?

I’m not, but my boyfriend is(: Either way we have the supports of our families (:

28. What was your worst symptom?

Back pain :(

29. Have you had any cravings?

Yes, mostly My strawberry coolata and 2 chocolate frosted donuts, and mostly Peaches and cucumbers with salt, lemon, and chili powder. lol

30. Are you scared of having a miscarriage or stillbirth?

Yes, I don’t know how I could handle losing my baby <3

31. Do you wear maternity clothes?

Yes, only the pants. But so far some of my regular jeans still fit (:

32. Has anything major changed in your life since your pregnancy?

I don’t recall.

33. Do you smoke or drink?


34. Do you take prenatal vitamins?


35. Are you going to breastfeed or use formula?

Probably both, I’m not going to be with her most of the time. 

36. Are you going to use disposable or cloth diapers?

Disposable diapers, I don’t even know what cloth diapers are ._____.

37. Do you regret your pregnancy?

Not at all (:

38. What is your weight gain so far?

I weigh 165, but i feel like I barely gain weight. 

39. Has your baby had the hiccups?

I don’t know.

40. How big is the baby so far?

Every baby is different, so i don’t know.

41. Do you have any stretch marks?

Sadly, yes :(

42. Any complications with your pregnancy?

So Far no (:

43. Have you seen your baby do any strange things during an ultrasound? (suck his thumb,kick,etc..)

Yes, when I wasn’t sure she was moving, my doctor did an ultrasound and I saw her kick.

44. Do you get any criticism?

I mean who doesn’t ? but i dont care i love my baby<3 

That awkward moment when you’re in that one class that you can’t stay awake in no matter how hard you try


and you’re just sitting there like


6 Months into my pregnancy and i did the mile at 16:40 (:

Just One more day and I find out the gender of my baby <3